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Seemahale Telecoms is now officially an authorised Nangu TV reseller partner and has the rights to resell the company’s IP television solution to telecommunications companies as well as broadcasters and will also be able to resell it to other companies wishing to resell the solution or content for it.


JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA (ZA), 17th May 2011 , – Seemahale Telecoms has yet again made a major stride in the local communications and IP TV space with the recent signing of a reseller agreement with Alnair A.S, a Czech Republic-based company to resell its Nangu TV solution to the African market.


Seemahale Telecoms is now the first company in Africa to be given the rights to deliver Nangu TV, an Interactive TV solution for operators in this region.


The Nangu TV brand is the number one choice for alternative providers in the Czech and Slovak regions and recently also extended its reach to more countries in Europe and the rest of the world.


This solution gives subscribers the ability to consume Live TV as well as non-linear TV features including: Pause TV, Start over TV, Catchup TV and Video on Demand services anytime and anywhere on various devices (e.g. set top boxes, PCs, smart phones and other handheld devices such as iPads).


According to Dr Thabo Lehlokoe, Seemahale Telecoms Chairman, this service offering will revolutionalise television services in Africa because service providers operating on the Nangu TV platform can offer it through a wholesale model for other operators to deliver fully branded service to their existing clients.


“We are living in the age of cloud computing and cloud services. With support for Over the Top (OTT) delivery, Nangu TV is well suited for building cloud TV services. This will help democratise television services in South Africa and the rest of the continent,” he notes.


Libor Bucinsky, Nangu TV product manager at Alnair A.S, says his company is always seeking partnerships with well established, strongly positioned companies serving the telecommunications segment in different regions. “Alnair A.S believes that cooperation with Seemahale Telecoms will help bring this already successful product to the African market,” he says..


The company has more than 20 customers in different European countries, more than 35 virtual operators that have joined its existing platforms and the number of set top boxes running its solution has reached 50 000 units in the Czech and Slovak markets alone.


“Nangu TV represents a comprehensive solution for delivering Interactive TV services anywhere and for anyone, regardless of whether the provider is the content owner, Internet, cable, mobile or hospitality TV service provider. With Nangu TV’s interactive TV solution, they will be able to create and deliver a compelling offering for their subscribers,” he explains.


Nangu TV’s top features include the following:
*Adaptive streaming for the live and on-demand content over the Internet to the STB and Apple devices.
* Content prefetching allowing trouble-free consumption of even HD content over the slow access network.
* Access to the live and on-demand content from the PC and iOS based (Apple) devices.
* Improved design of the STB User Interface.
* Integrated advertisement platform on the STB.
* Mosaic and its role in the channel upsale.
* Non-linear TV features, including advanced recordings.
* Linear TV and Video-On-demand features including interactive trailer channel.
* Over The Top demo available from hosting environment from Prague.


Meanwhile, Seemahale Telecoms and its IP TV technology partners Motorola, Verimatrix and Nangu TV will be showcasing what their combined expertise have to offer the world market at the upcoming Broadcast, Interactive, Internet and Hybrid TV in Africa Conference at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg from the 4th to the 7th of July this year.


Dr Lehlokoe explains: “As an authorised reseller of this solution, we are now poised to start liberating the airwaves with ‘cloud TV’ services because now even ISPs can provide Over-The-Top video services without actually owning the infrastructure used to do so and at the same time the platform owner becomes a wholesaler of this content and services.”


He adds that the bringing of the Nangu TV solution to the country and the continent as a whole now provides different avenues for different “players” to provide TV services and will result in a boom for ADSL and wireless connectivity providers.


“This service will increase data consumption and also increase the demand for more bandwidth,” notes Lehlokoe.


He adds that part of Seemahale’s current strategy is to identify suitable content providers that it can get into joint venture agreements with and allow them to own the local infrastructure and become wholesalers of their services to other providers in the region.


“We are currently in discussions with local content providers and telecommunications companies that are interested in providing Over-the Top services to their clients using the Nangu TV services for themselves or even to smaller service providers,” he concludes.


About Seemahale Telecoms

Seemahale Telecoms Pty Ltd is a 100% black owned company which focuses on Broadcasting and Telecommunications infrastructure and services. It is a Premier partner of Motorola Mobility and offers enhanced personal media experiences through the provision of video infrastructure services (Video Headend) , IPTV, VOD, OTT with adaptive rate streaming solutions and different types of Motorola Set Top Boxes including hybrids. We intend to offer solutions that allow consumer to consume video anywhere, anytime on a device of their choice.


We also are involved in bridging the digital divide through the provision of Wireless Broadband Network solutions for government, carriers and enterprises with offerings from Motorola Solutions where we are an approved Distributor. These offerings cover backhaul, distribution and access solutions. Seemahale also provides a new network access technology called Passive Optical LAN to enterprises as well as part of its innovative broadband offering.


About Nangu TV

nangu.TV is the name of product developed by the Czech based company, Alnair a.s. nangu.TV is represented by ALEF NULA a.s. on the Czech and Slovak markets. The development of nangu.TV began five years ago on the green field by highly experienced developers in the area of IP networking and television systems and is continually being developed and improved.


nangu.TV has reached a mature status and is presently deployed in several installations, serving thousands of subscribers. Nowadays nangu.TV allows Internet service providers to run a complete portfolio of multimedia services within its networks, including (but not limited to) IP television, Video on Demand and the next generation of value added applications.

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