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IPTV and Video Solutions

IPTV / Video Solutions

With the emergence of IPTV as a viable video entertainment distribution solution and the increased use of IP metro and wide area networks for video transport, more and more video processing equipment manufacturers are including IP interfaces on everything from encoders and receivers to splicers, rate shapers and test and monitoring systems. That, coupled with the existing wide array of high rate IP routers and switches, allows us to explore the advantages and mechanics of using IP as the primary connection paradigm for digital headends.


Motorola's Leadership in the Market:

# 1 Digital set tops

+ 90M units shipped

# 1 IPTV Set tops

+ 10M units shipped

# 1 Cable Modems

+ 67M units shipped

# 1 Digital Video Networks

+ 2,500 headends passing > 125M homes

# 1 Digital Video Processing

Thousands of on-air channels worldwide

# 1 IPTV HeadEnds

+22,000 encoder channels deployed

# 1 Ad Insertion

+14,000 splicers deployed

# 1 Solid State VOD Servers

+1M streams deployed

# 1 E2E Management Solutions

+15M devices deployed with +20 operators


A Legacy of Innovation and Industry Firsts

Motorola TV - the ‘Golden View’ model


Experimental Pay-TV leverages Motorola equipment


Truly rectangular color TV picture tube


Words from the moon replayed by Motorola transponder


Wireless data system


First programming with impulse store and forward technology


HDTV technical standard


Emmy® award for security encryption of TV signals to the home


Emmy® award for deciphering digital TV systems


Emmy® award for grand alliance digital TV standard


Emmy® award for real-time hardware for motion estimation


First video-on-demand


Emmy® award for outstanding digital set-tops


First hi-definition DVR digital set-top


Documents for Download:

Simplifying Headend Architectures 153KB
IP STB Portfolio - Leading the Market in IPTV Solutions 3.45MB
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